Wholesaling for the Holidays

Its only August, but I am already thibarrel cactus 01nking about Christmas, or at least  “the holidays”.  No, I’m not one of those people that you see in the Target commercials who trains for Black Friday shopping deals. In fact I detest the big box stores and malls during November and December. No, its is because  going to offer some of my felt items wholesale for the fall/winter season.  You won’t find my items in Target, but you may see them in a small boutique or gift shop soon.

Wholesaling is when a producer offers a retailer there work at a discounted rate so they can resell it in their shop at a profit. The producer creates a special catalog, or “line sheet”, for retailers to order from and sets certain conditions like quantity or minimum dollar amounts the retailer needs to pend to get the discounted price.   I’ve been told August is the time to start approaching businesses with my linesheet.  So I’ve been busy creating an electronic linesheet using Etsy  Wholesale, a special section on etsy set up for connecting crafters (or sellers) with retailer (or buyers).  I just started setting up my linesheet this week, and already have had a few questions from buyers about my products! Off to a good start!

WhAcornnecklacecolorvariationsile creating my product lines for my etsy wholesale line sheet, I discovered that some of my photos are out of date, and some items have simply not been listed in my etsy shop yet. So I’ve been busy working on photographs an listings. This will help me both on the retail end of etsy, but also on the wholesale end. The more products and listings you have, the easier it is for people to find you online!

So while I’m still outside weeding and harvesting my gardens, and I’m still looking ahead to my summer vacation, I am also looking forward to Christmas!

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