Its been a while….

At the Capuchin Trails

At the Capuchin Trails

I just looked at the blog and realized I missed a few months! Its been a busy time, not so much with crafts but with life in general. Spring finally sprung in Vermont and has given way to summer. The seeds that I was just planting in peat pots around the time of my last post are in the garden, growing strong despite crazy weather and groundhogs. And the summer show season is almost done for me.

Trails at Capuchin Retreat


I spent most of May and June lovingly prepping our gardens.  There is nothing like digging your hands into the dirt, helping to nurture a tiny seed and grow it until it becomes the food that nourishes you and your neighbors. This year our garden is actually plural: we have a large 15X45 bed at our home and a 20×20 “three sisters” plot at our community garden. My mother in law has also taken a small plot at the house and we both share in caring for our very prolific perennial beds that were planted by the previous homeowners. There were many rainstorms this spring, a little basement flooding, lots of downed branches,  a broken window and screens (we were lucky, some neighbors lost large trees and  had substantial damage to their homes). We also had a ground hog that came in one night and ate ALL of my brussel sprout and broccoli plants (along with a few other things). So June was busy, tilling, weeding, planting, watering, making repairs, replanting.  We now have healthy gardens growing two kinds of corn (sweet and Indian), beans, squash, pumpkins and melons. Tons of tomatoes, peppers, kale, swiss chard, lettuce, eggplant, etc.  Flowers to numerous to name, but not to photograph and lets not forget fruit trees that will hopefully give way to apple pies and apple sauces this fall!


Japanese Garden

July also brought lots of inspiration. Beside all the things growing and blossoming in our own yard, we went to two wonderful locations with great natural surroundings. First, we visited the  Davidson Japanese Garden at Mt. Zion in Hubbardton, VT. If you have not been there, I really recommend it. The garden is on private property, but the Davidson’s thought the land was too beautiful to keep all to themselves. The have graciously welcomed visitors to the beautiful garden and trails that Kit Davidson built himself many years ago (Kit is now in his 90’s and has turned over the maintenance of the gardens and trails to an assistant). We took lots of photos of the gardens but are saving the walk through the trails to the top of Mount Zion for another day, Davidson Japanese Gardenwhen we all are wearing our hiking shoes. I also spent  some time with John in Washington, MI, a town just outside of Detroit. The Capuchin Retreat house was the gathering space for the Order of Ecumenical Franciscans, of which my husband is now a professed member. The ground at the the retreat were fitting for this group gathering; surrounded by beautiful walking trails in the largely wood property that abuts conservation land. Needless to say, both of these locations provided me with lots of beautiful nature to inspire my collage work. I hope to spend part of August working on scenes from both of these locations, as well as the inspirational view of Mt Teaberry, of which I have had a commission requested.


Wild Orchid, Capuchin Retreat

Since my last post I’ve attended a few shows: Manchester’s Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Fair, The Sweet Grass Gallery’s Family Fun Day, and Waterbury Arts Fest. None of these were particularly successful for me sales-wise, but I met wonderful artists, learned about other shows and guilds, and made a few contacts for possible wholesale orders. I also had a great month at Sweet Grass, selling two large pieces of art and some of my felt work.  August will bring me one of my favorite shows (and its right in Rutland!), Art in the Park. There are some wonderful artists at this show and the customers were fantastic last year. And of course I am making, making making, in anticipation of my holiday shows.  Please be sure to check out my show schedule if you are interested in seeing my work in person!





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