Making a Light Box for Photos

lightboxGood photos are important for selling your product online. Its also important to have good pictures of your products when applying to shows. One way to make your photos look professional is to use a light box. You can buy a photography light tent with lights on Ebay for about 40-50 dollars. Or you can make one for a few bucks if you have most of these supplies: A cardboard box, white tissue paper or white muslin fabric, white or black posterboard, tape, a box cutter, scissors and a couple of good lamps. There are lots of tutorials on how to do this, so I’ll just say “Google it“, instead of rehashing step by step instructions here.

I did this a few weeks ago because I had all the supplies and needed some snazzy new photos for my shop.  Its was not quite warm enough or pretty enough outside to take photos (ie: mud season) and I did not have the time or cash to order a professional tent. It came out great, although I’d like to get brighter lights to use with it. I’m sure the photos could use a bit more tweaking, but I usually just upload them to Flickr and usually just crop them with Aviary. Sometimes, if the background seems a little too dark or if I’m photographing my scarf bust against a white sheet, I use a website called Fotofuze, that has a filter to soften out wrinkles etc in white or black backgrounds.

All this is to say, have you checked out my new photos in my etsy shop? Aren’t they purdy? And if you’d like to see my  torn paper collages and felted accessories in person, stop by my next show:

Vermont Reading Partners Annual Craft Fair
at Manchester Elementary and Middle School
Memorial Ave., Manchester Center, Vt.
May 3, 10 – 4   Free Admission!


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