New Products for 2014

The new year is starting out pretty go od. I sat down and looked over my production goals. I realistically need to be making a minimum of ten things per week (regardless of size) in order to get the inventory I’d like. I truly believe if I can build up my inventory levels, that I’ll sell better at shows because my booth will be fuller and I may even have extra stock to fill in as thing sell.

I’m also challenging myself to come up with some new items that could be sold year round so i have inventory for spring shows and the gallery i consign with. Here are a few of my new ideas: 


I am making hanging fairies similar to the angels I made at Christmas, except these have a braid instead of a halo and a colorful dress instead of being all white. I made some for valentines that are dress in pink and holding a heart. I’m also going to make some in other colors and give them each something different to hold onto. These are meant to be hung up, either on a easter/spring tree (which seem to be popular now, judging by the number of spring ornaments I see in the stores) or they can be hung on the wall.


When I was making the fairy ornaments, I started making armatures for the hands out of pipecleaners. This lead me to making an angel with both arms and leg armatures. I’m so pleased with how this turned out that I am planning to make a pile of these as well. These are what I call “shelf sitters” because they are posed to sit on the edge of a shelf. The first one I  made is in green with bright orange hair. I felt it would be a cute “St. Patricks Day” look. I’m also going to make a few in different colors for spring/summer.

1505433_412635235538092_1067167053_nMy felted cacti and toadstools were a big hit this fall. I’m going to add to the botanical pincushion line this spring by making some felted bonsai and orchids. I have to wait until the nurserys open though so i can find the right pots for that. Until then, Ive been working on some felted cupcakes. These are super cute and the “sprinkles” are actually the pins.

I have lots of ideas for more needle and wet felting projects. But right now I’m in production mode for my first 2 shows of the year, so I am going to stick to the items I already know I can make and sell: small collages, notecards, pincushions, fairies and scarves.

beCAUSE Craft Show at St. Michaels College – Saturday March 22nd 9:30-4 and
Vermont Reading Partners Spring Craft Show  at Manchester Elementary and Middle School – Saturday May 3, 10-4

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One Response to New Products for 2014

  1. LS Girl says:

    Loving the cupcakes! The little redhead shelf-sitter is adorable.

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