Blogging at an Art Show

Woodstock Art Festival

Woodstock Art Festival

So, I thought I might be able to get a blog post in while I was booth sitting Saturday (the village green in Woodstock has Wi-Fi!), but thankfully the show was quite busy. Only a few sales, but lots of  inquiries about the work.  Sunday unfortunately was very slow and full of wind. I spent most of my time hanging onto my displays and hoping my tent didn’t bend (even though it was staked, weighted and zip-tied, it swayed during the wind gusts. I stupidly set up my easel with a piece of art even though it was windy in the morning  and it took off during the strongest gust of the day and shattered on one of the cinder block tent weights.  Sunday had no sales, so I ended up with a slight loss at this show.  I am still hopeful there might be some after show sales at my shop from the business cards I handed out.  While it was fun doing the Woodstock Art Festival, I think I’ll only be back next year as a visitor.

My Booth

My Booth

I  had lots of inquiries about my artwork at this show.  It is very interesting to me to see how people react when they realize its collage and not watercolor. Some really love it and others not so much . There  are always a few who are just confused by what I do and how I do it, even when they read my bio that explains the process.  Some also mistaken it for felted art, especially when I have my scarves and needle felted sculptures out (wool is my other favorite medium). I think its because the mullberry inclusions and the texture can look a little bit like wool from a distance.

I expect it will take time for Vermonters  to wrap their head around this art form. It takes a while to educate people that there is more to art than paint and that collage can be just as beautiful and long lasting a painting.  I feel like I made strides with that during my time in Worcester and saw an increase in sales of my art as I continued to do the StART on the Street events each year.

Next  Sunday will be my sixth year at StART on the Street.  I am excited to go back for the first time since moving to Vermont.  I think I’ll do well with my artwork, plus I have a ton of new felted goodies to show off. I’ll be posting some photos of those at the end of this week!

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